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DIY # 3: Bridal Headband

Hair Accessory Headband

I hope you enjoyed my last 2 tutorials.  I wanted the 3rd one to be super easy and fun.

Let's make some sparkly headbands.  #WeddingWednesday :)

All materials can be purchase on Etsy or Ebay


Step-by-Step Instructions


Step 1 :  Cut around your applique to clean up all the edges


Step 2: Trace all around your applique on a piece of felt.  Cut it out to create a base


Step 3:  Make sure you have a perfect base by comparing it to the applique.  

             Trim again if necessary.


Step 4:  Fold the felt base in half.  Create 4 openings, about 1" apart.


Step 5:  Slide your headband into the 4 openings.

               Make sure the base matches the applique perfectly

              This is my secret to make sure your applique will stay put.


Step 6:  Start gluing from the center.  

              That was easy right ?!  This headband makes a great bridesmaid gift too :)

Don't forget to share your creations on Instagram with me :)

Instagram: IselleDesignStudio





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