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DIY # 8: Bachelorette Veil

Accessory Bachelorette DIY

How fun is this veil!  It is a must-have for every bachelorette.

Let's get started!

All materials can be purchase on Etsy or Ebay

Step-by-Step Instructions


Step 1:  Cut about 50 pieces of tulle (4 in. x 50 in.)


step 2:  Loop it around the headband just like how you make tutus


Step 3:  Add as many tulle strips as you like


Step 4:  (Optional)  Add 3 strips of ribbon; the same way you looped the tulle


Step 5: Use a scissor blade to curl the ribbon


Step 6:  Fluff the veil and snap that tiara back on

This DIY has to be the easiest.  It's super cute :)

Don't forget to share your creations on Instagram with me :)

Instagram: IselleDesignStudio



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